Friday, February 20, 2015

Doorway Two now has net flying about

While I was looking for something else, I found a sleeve of netting, the kind you get fruit in, and cut parts to use here as a freeform trellis around the doorway.  

Not sure what total shape the doorway will be this time, curved, pointed, square, that will emerge. Here's a general picture, then a tighter shot to show a bit better detail.   The curving shapes at the top might end in a kind of point.

Meanwhile I stitched down the net at the junctions, pulling to make these more interesting shapes, then I'm couching a silver trail  around and across it. In rl the background has a lot more light green in it than you see here.  Disregard the trailing white thread, it's just the couching thread trailing from the needle.  I think this piece will probably be appliqued to some close woven fabric, yet to be found.

It's starting to look as if I'm doing time of day. Doorway One is a night scene, Doorway Two looks like early morning, and perhaps Doorway Three, yet to be figured out, might be afternoon/evening.

I'm finding that the LED lamp is a very handy little tasklight for brightening up the general ambiance around the piece for taking pix.  At this time of year when I can't take the camera outdoors, this is useful.  My little point and shoot needs all the help it can get.

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