Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Doorway One getting there

Current state of the unfinished doorway piece:

The pearls will be continued in a straight drop down, and the blue beads likewise.  I'm looking at the irregular shapes and wondering, but won't know if they should stay like that until I do the drops.

At that point I think it will be done. I like the brass chain effect pretty much. But I welcome reaction and suggestion, too.

There will be a couple more doorway pieces, I think.  This one's 12 inches high, 5.5 inches wide.


dogonart said...

Love the brass chains. Reserving opinion on beads until I see how you finish them off. I always like doorways, especially arched.

mittens said...

i like the irregularity of the chains; not sure why, but the entire piece is so 'casual" appearing, the different lengths seem to enhance the design rather than detract. Some times wretched excess is the way to go and this may be one of them...