Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm stitching, I'm stitching!

So glad to report that my wrist is recovered enough to start thinking about stitching again!  and that one reward of organizing the studio was that I found a couple of polaroid image transfers on nylon that I'd made years ago, set aside until I knew what to do next, then sort of forgot.

Here they are. 

These are image transfers before they improved polaroid film to where you couldn't do this any more, where I used to soak the developed picture I'd taken, then remove the actual image from the paper!  great excitement moving an image through the air to settle on whatever surface I wanted it on, here nylon, because I wanted the transparency of the picture and the fabric working together.
 But now I realize these are stitched works waiting to happen.  So today I'm hoping to set up and get to work on this.  

They may be freestanding, or they may be part of a much bigger work I have under way.  We'll see if they're compatible. 

The other fabric you see is a piece of Thai silk, given to us all at the holiday party courtesy of Carol P., who visits Thai relatives and gave us the benefit of one of their gifts.

So this is good! new stitching adventures ahead.  And I have a Jill Paton Walsh Peter Wimsey on CDs to listen to while I work.  Spoken words keep the left brain occupied and the right brain can get on with  its job.

The Grow Your Blog 2015 button up there is about an international blog party next week I'm taking part in.  For more explanation about it, go here and meanwhile I will be thinking up a giveaway, for anyone who comes in here to comment.  If you click on that link, you need to scroll down past the food, to the GYB explanation.

I have two blogs entered, Field and Fen and this one, so there will be two chances of a giveaway aren't you lucky. I have to look through my completed artworks and decide what will be nice to receive.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hmmmm - must ponder a giveaway for my blog visitors too. I have an idea. Just have to create it. So glad that you are returning to the land of stitching. Just don't overdo in the excitement of the moment.