Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wilderness silver moon and new notebook

I got the silver disk or nue done, and here you see it on the original fabric 

and cut out and sitting in place ready to be appliqued there, with rays of silver probably shining out from it before I'm done.

This was difficult because with the cold weather and despite major hand care, my fingertips and thumbs are rough and dry and they snag the silk thread sumfink awful, which snags my temper, too. But we survived.

Then since I needed to be making something, I created a little notebook from the giveaway postcard I picked up at the Morven sampler show I blogged about a while back.  

Simple saddle stitching, and my corner punch rounds off the corners nicely.  I still like little notebooks, have made and given away a ton of them, despite keeping a lot of notes on my Ipod.

By the way, this is a great way to spiff up a greeting card -- just insert pages you've cut to match, stitch in place, and you have a nice little notebook with a great cover.  

I've done this to send to people who warranted more than just a card but who aren't big on gifts, figuring this was half way between.  

Incidentally, there are several good books on book making, but for me the most appealing and useful is this one:  

Great step by step and photos, and you see the pages containing some of the steps I used in the stitching


Jane said...

I really love the silver work and have been enjoying following its progress. And the handmade book is beautiful - and a great idea for an 'in-between card and present' present. Thanks for the book recommendation too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Enjoying seeing the progress on your metallic scene - one of those things I wish I could touch. Thanks for the book suggestion - will have to check out the local library in quest of a viewing.

mittens said...

this is lovely, boud. the minute I saw that silver moon in place I thought, ahhh thats what was missing. perfect.

margaret said...

lovely stitchery and love the idea of adding pages to a card