Monday, November 17, 2014

Goldwork or nue in its place

The wilderness pieces continue, with the hope of finishing the three in the next few days, well, we'll see.

Here you see the or nue gold disk in place as a "sun" figure in the daytime wilderness piece.  


Still to come is one more critter to complete the piece. And there's a "moon" in silver and blue upcoming to go into the night time piece.  

At this point it's felt pieces stitched in place, waiting for the or nue, which I supposed, since it's silver, would be argent nue, but I don't think that's what they say.  

And again, that piece needs another critter to complete it.  I think both might benefit from a couple of random butterfly wing shapes, too, but we'll see how they work with the last critters in place.


Ash said...

Loving the addition of the sun in this piece and eagerly awaiting the moon to take it's place.

Your vision is whimsical but stunning. You pull things together so well.

Minimiss said...

Looking very lustrous.

margaret said...

looking so good so agree with the above comment