Saturday, August 30, 2014

Butterflies and bees emerge from the ether

More stumpwork and here you see one butterfly wing bits all done, on the lines of a luna moth in shape, not in color, and the start of a different sort of butterfly, long and short stitch, blending one ply of floss then one ply of metallic blue.  This is another authentic butterfly shape but I was dying to use this color combo.  

You know how, when you're in the middle of creating something, poem, artwork, cooking something, anything like that, you suddenly realize, oh, this is what I've been meaning to  do for years. It must have been flitting about all that time and now it's landed on my work? that's how I suddenly felt with the luna moth, and now with the blending of colors on the iridescent blue one.  Just, everything feels right, right now.

And the third item is a piece of mulberry paper, one I'd molded over a bee form, and here you see it stitched onto muslin, carefully preserving the molded very fragile shape, not easy, that, and then trapunto work on the body.  I used wisps of cotton roving, beautiful silky stuff I've had for a while.  This one is an experiment, I'll see how it works once I do a few similar ones.


  1. I'm following the moth progress with great interest. I've wanted to try doing some stumpwork for awhile and haven't mustered the courage (or, more truthfully, managed to find the time).

  2. I love that blue combo. The Luna moth is looking very good too.

  3. love seeing your stumpwork become something really beautiful


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