Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stitching and beading is what happens when you planned otherwise..

So all my plans about taking out some blue and replacing it with white, where did they go...I did add some new small white areas, but the blue stayed and was joined by more and some beading, too, in mixed blues and in metallic beads in gold silver and bronze, in keeping with the Greek theme.

What can I tell you, I only work here..the beading and stitching take over and I just follow their instructions.  There will be more stitching among the beaded areas.  And probably more beading among the stitched areas.

Click to see better.


  1. it's getting more interesting, keep going. And yes, its like writing--sometimes where you aimed for has nothing to do with where your characters want to go...

  2. Wow! While you are not in control where it is going you are doing an absolutely wonderful job of following instructions. Awesome :)


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