Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Acanthus continues

This is just a glimpse of the WIP that is the acanthus project.  I've started the design of the small areas to be drawn and stitched, but it's hard to tell my intent here, since there will be a lot more stitching around these areas. Click to see better.

This linen is much finer than the one I used for the Schwalm piece, so I drew threads three and three instead of the two and two I used before.  But the process is the same, and I tried out some needleweaving in blue, but didn't like it, too heavy an effect, so I removed it, and I think I'll use my finest white coton a broder to buttonhole stitch the grid you see here.  I want to have an open effect, because of the suggestion of fishing nets (Greek theme abounds) so I won't do needleweaving after all.  At least that's where my thinking is at the moment.

The hard part about stitching is that it's slow and deliberate, so it's ages before you can tell if your idea is working in practice.  The good thing about stitching is that it's slow and deliberate and there's time to change course as you go!


  1. I will await further developments with great interest!

  2. yes I agree white will work so well for the nedleweaving


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