Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Inner Kindergartner rules

The work for the April show is finished, as am I.  Thirty one artworks framed, organized, and ready to hang. The catalog is sort of written. I'm all created out for the moment.

So last night at the stitch-in of the embroiderers' guild, I was totally noncreative, just using an old set of ATC sheets to stuff with floss in some sort of organized fashion.  

I had finally decided that plastic bags full of random bunches of floss, tangled and messy and pretty deadly looking, had to go.  No stitching in progress at all right now, so this was a good opportunity to Get Organized.  Not to mention amusing the other stitchers who were all busy on actual projects.

So Mary Corbet's blogging yesterday about sleeves to slide flosses into and store them in binders struck a chord. I already had a lot of ATC sleeves, smaller than the ones she showed, though, 


and three ring binders.  I like to store items book fashion (even in my freezer, where my pesto is stored flat in ziplocs, on edge, as in a bookcase).  So this was a project to do between projects.

And I found an unexpected bonus: with the flosses grouped in color families on the pages, you can see through several pages at once and detect interesting new possible color combos.  I took a couple of pix to let you see what's up. 


  1. Wonderful. I love how organization can lead to creativity. I really need more of it in my life.

  2. Must admit to a short spasm of hyperventilating over you saying that the 'random bunches of floss, tangled and messy and pretty deadly looking, had to go'. I had a momentary horror of you actually throwing floss out. Then I calmed down and realized that no, you wouldn't do that. Those tangled bits will end up in a piece of art somewhere. Won't they?

  3. No, by "go" I meant get straightened out, organized, smoothed down, etc. As you see in the pages! there were a few little orts in there which did get tossed, but only a few.


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