Monday, March 31, 2014

Bead stash takes over for the moment

I played with the new seed bead stash for a while this morning as a change from the bigger work (and bigger beads) I've been involved in, and the general carrying and ferrying of artworks ready to deliver tomorrow, and finally picked out a nice gold bead and a nice mixture of reds in glass, and went on to warp up a new bracelet, to test them out.  

After the weaving is complete, I plan to dye the cord red, to blend in with the beads.  I invested in some magnetic fasteners as well as toggle clasps, so I need to decide how to make the fastening after I've finished weaving. 

Right now the beadweaving is the main focus. This piece is about half an inch wide, will be approximately eight inches long when complete.

I have to sort some bead thread -- this is a natural color beading hemp -- and dye up some lots to work with various colors ahead of time. This bracelet was a mad rush of wanting to beadweave and not wanting to wait for dyeing to be complete.

I like something left brained going on while I work at art, and today it's CD of short stories read by various very good actors.  It keeps a steady stream of sound that occupies the analytical monkey brain and  enables me to get on with art without being distracted.  Can't do music with art, though, too much interference with the same brain bits I need to work with.

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  1. I might need to learn how to do this - not for bracelets, but for use as seam treatments in crazy quilting!


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