Monday, March 17, 2014

AIR last inclusion

The last inclusion is done.  Last figure/face concept is what you see here.  It's a face and part of the person squeezed into the surrounding shapes, or it will be.  After this all the work has to be done at the earthloom, so I will probably put in some extra time there when I can be fitted into that room or vicinity.

The next passage will be tricky -- it will involve securing the inclusions to the weaving by weaving them in.  This may need an extra hand at the back of the work as well as two at the front, so I may need to figure this out!  

I'm a bit anxious about this part, but once it's under way I expect it will be okay.  All right on the night.


  1. It's a little late to be suggesting this, but you could have done just the shape by using T-pins in a macrame board. The weaving would be finished with only two loose ends to weave in.

    Similar to the techniques shown in this book:
    Fiber & Bead Jewelry: Beautiful Designs to Make & Wear
    By Helen Banes, Sally Banes

    Maybe you considered this and decided it would not work for you.


  2. Thank you, interesting comment. But the point is not that I only want to weave in the minimum of loose ends, but that all the warp ends are to be woven into the whole. It's how the integrity of the work is designed to happen.

    I will save up your idea for a future project, though -- thanks so much.

  3. I was thinking bulldog clips might come in useful to hold yarn in place while you're working front or back. Of course I am ignorant on this subject, but that doesn't stop me from being opinionated does it?

  4. Is this one of those look out you'll cut yourself subjects? heh, cracking up laughing at everyone's eagerness to plunge in and help. But in fact I'm exaggerating for effect. I know exactly how I'll proceed, done it before, you know!

    More pix to follow at some point.

  5. I'm not going to offer any suggestions because I'm the first one to admit my total ignorance about weaving. That's not to say that I'm not going to follow with interest to see how the plot unfolds!


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