Saturday, March 29, 2014

AIR getting more evident now

I got in to work at the loom today for a couple of unscheduled extra hours, and managed to get a couple of sections completed before I faded.

It's starting to come together as a design now, and I've made a few changes from the original cartoon.  As I got under way with the colors, I decided the original shapes were too many and a bit busy, so I simplified them so as to let the yarns have breathing room. 

I finished the multicolored part of a robe on the right, then figured it was time for a bit of quiet color, and put in the white you see on the leftish.  It's actually offwhite, very soft yarn, with here and there dark threads, really nice to see in person.  Next I'll have to move over further left and make decisions about that area, too, to keep the balance of the design going.  

The multi part I pushed about a bit on the loom, to create different shapes, and make it an interesting flow, not just a solid wall of weaving.  This is one reason I love tapestry so much more than regular weaving, that you can make these changes as you go, and the work suggests them to you, you're not locked into your original plans. 

I'm leaning toward more dark grey and black mixture up past that multi colored robe, to meet with the dark areas on the small figure up above temporarily in place.  But first I have to work on the left so that the whole thing stays in physical balance, aside from design functions.

I noticed the leashes are getting a bit slack from the pressure, so I tightened them a bit, to keep the tapestry sides parallel. All in all, a nice afternoon's work.

Just a silly note:  I have all my pix on a thumbdrive, which I open to access them for uploading, using the first part of the pix name: AIR, to be exact.  And every time the first image that comes up is a dear old Airedale in the park, a great feller years gone now, who used to be mad about getting his picture taken!  every time I met him out walking and he saw my camera, he'd stop dead and pose!! I have one great pic of him with the leash totally taut, the owner being dragged to a swift halt as Mr. A. got his closeup on.

Next week, the exhibit will be up and we'll be moving the loom into the gallery area, on the scheduled working days,  which will be fun -- that way anyone who comes will see all the versions of Four Sisters at one time, as well as 28 count them, other artworks.

They are now standing around the living room, in leaning stacks,  labeled and wrapped and being as heavy as they can, after an interesting morning tracking them all down and labeling them and putting like with like so as to make hanging the exhibit a bit less hectic, and many trips up and down stairs.  Art is an aerobic activity.

Once they're hung, I'll post an exhibit blogpost so you can have a virtual tour, along with the catalog of sizes, titles, description, price, etc.  As usual, all pieces are for sale.  I usually ship pieces matted and  with a stiff backing and a clear plastic wrap, so you can arrange for framing.  Prices, except for the small stitched items, which are best left in their frame for shipping, don't include frames.

The stitched items are glassed, and I don't ship glass, so I'll remove it but keep the frame in place.  You can opt to replace the glass at your end, or not, acc. to your own taste.  I personally like stitching not under glass, because I think you can experience it better that way, and they're in shadowbox frames, so there's some protection.  I only glassed them because they need to be protected that way in a public exhibit.  This is the bean counting aspect of artmaking!


  1. this is coming along at a rapid pace now, very well done

  2. They say (you know, the infamous 'they' that seem to know it all!) that needlework shouldn't be framed under glass, or at the very least the glass shouldn't be in contact with the artwork. Can't wait for the virtual tour!!


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