Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Smoke Rising finished

My latest goldwork and beaded piece, tentatively named Smoke Rising, thank you for suggestions, dear blogistas.  I added in just a scatter of little gold beads to extend the image a bit, and tilted it a bit more in the frame, for forward movement as well as an upward spiral.

Next I have to do the dreaded framing, ew, and I'm into a new section of woven beadwork.  I plan to mount this with the floss weaving it goes with, on fabric, I think and see how that works.


  1. Smoke Rising is a wonderful name - it suits.

  2. smoke rising works well a lovely piece

  3. cette fumée d'or est superbe. on dirait qu'elle est extraite d'une tapisserie orientale !

  4. Lovely work. Excellent title. Couldn't think of anything better.


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