Saturday, February 1, 2014

Diane's bracelet, before it leaves for points south

I remembered to take a pic of  the bracelet I designed and wove, which Diane will own as soon  as I get it off to her, probably today.
The clasp is sterling.  Wear it in good health, Diane!

this computer is beginning to act like my old Plymouth Horizon, dearly loved car, which I traded in at the point where every gas refill also required a quart of oil and a pint of tranny fluid. 

The netbook now requires a full bootup and re-entry of all my passwords every time I turn around.  If I fail to use it for a few minutes, it shuts down totally.  I think it's part cat. And it's pretending it can't remember how to connect to my printer. Or the camera.  

But I'd like to get my Princeton Embroiderers blog entry done before I go shopping, because I understand this setup, not wishing to learn a new one in the middle of a blogpost.  And the meeting where I'm taking pix for it is tomorrow, so  we can sort of manage, I guess...

Oh,and White Rabbits for February.

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  1. this is very pretty. Best of luck with a new computer, have heard mixed things about windows 8.


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