Sunday, December 1, 2013

Denim and mohair and pearls and bling

Another purse came to pass this evening, shortly to be on its way to an undisclosed destination.  This one has four parts: two big pockets, and the small one on the front is in fact two pockets, one behind the other.  This is that small pocket you find inside the front cargo pocket of your jeans.

The strap is knitted mohair, very nice to hold and stretchy enough to sling on your shoulder if you like to do it that way.  Or you could pretend you're the Queen of England and sling it on your arm for your official royal portraits.  I'm using these knitted ties as purse straps and they work very well.  I knew there was a reason I got on a tie knitting tear a while back there.

And there are pearls, and tiny blue glass beads and Indian metallic thread couched on.  Great fun to do.  I must find my thimble if I'm doing any more denim hand sewing, though.  My fingers are pretty peppered with needle backups.

Anyway, here's a front view and a back view, or you might say a frontispiece and a backispiece.


  1. such a great way to use up old jeans, lovely

  2. 'Needle backups' - is that what you call it? Must say I like that term! I really like your little purses - definitely in my wheelhouse.

  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful purse. It arrived on my birthday, just like you planned it.

    It has taken me this long to figure out how to comment on your blog. I get it on my iPhone in an email. I finally figured out how to bug you directly. ;-)

    Thanks again!


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