Thursday, November 14, 2013

Upcycled denim pockets

Upcyclers and stitchers and beaders will like this one:  I was given a bundle of old jeans via Freecycle, ages ago, and have finally done something with one of them.  

Aside from trying out my newly donated cutting wheel to make strips (and learning not to guide the blade from the back, see my bandaid) which I used to make a very shabby if not chic potholder, on my little loom, well, aside from that, I reused the pockets.

I cut them so that the back of the pocket is still there, and stitched both pockets together at the top. 

            Here you see it closed, as it will be when finished.

                              Here you see it opened flat.

This will create a two sided purse, one side for phone, one for Ipod, at least for me it would. I may not be the recipient, though.

The stitching was nice already, so I beaded along, and will probably bead more before I'm done. Using my Indian beads, I should add. Then to stitch front and back pockets around the edges. Then I need to use the cutter to make a strip I'll stitch for a handle, trying not to run over my thumb this time.  

This is a gauge of feeling well enough to try stuff out, bead along, and enjoy it, too.  I think I should call these Hot Pockets, except that I believe that name's taken.   Joke alert, food mfrs, joke alert.

All good stuff.


  1. You need to treat those cutting wheels with the utmost respect - they can do a very large amount of damage in split seconds. Always be in the habit of keeping your fingers well back AND remember to close the blade each and every time you set it down. Great tools, but they demand respect. Great use for pockets, btw!

  2. Hyperbole being my middle name, I should explain that the cut was so small as not even to need a bandaid. What did me in was that it has, get this, a safety mechanism! it's a bit bigger than my usual rotary cutters, and the deal is that you have to hold back a handle thing in order to expose the blade. You let go and the blade retracts.

    All very fine if your hands are capable of that pinching action. Which mine aren't very well, so the damn thing skidded slightly and caught my holding hand. First accident in many decades of making art with blades, open razors, Xactos, lino knives, gougers, you name it. And I fall foul of the first item I ever used that has a safety mechanism...

    I've taught hundreds of people the safe way to use open blades, including mat knives, xactos, all that, including the caution about keeping your hand out of the blade's path. And the funny thing was that I wasn't in the path -- it slipped up backwards! sigh.

  3. Great idea for the pocket. Those damned rotary cutters can be lethal!

  4. a good way to use up those pockets, I have been chopping jeans ready for a quilt, silly me I threw the pockets away!!

    I would be lost without my rotary cutter, like others have said it must become an automatic thing to do to close the blade every time and never ever cut towards yourself.

  5. Liz....I bet you wish you'd never mentioned that darned accidental cut. Just have to grin and bear all that well meant advice. Rats!

  6. PS. forgot to say how much I like your pocket idea. Nice idea.

  7. Heheh. You're so right! I did put in a joke alert about the Hot Pockets thing so as to avoid lawyers' letters, but I thought everyone knew I have close to 70 years experience in the art making world, and nearly 40 in the teaching of art to adults world, and didn't fancy putting in a joke alert about the rotary cutter.

    You'd have thought people would realize this life in art does come with experience, and that I was JOKING, folks! but then I don't think people read other people's comments before plunging in! too funny.


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