Sunday, November 24, 2013

The other reason to have a nice glass of wine with dinner

After I finished the Tyvek bag, I thought hm, I could do some fun stamping on that.  Any amount of it.  

I was opening the evening wine (Yellowtail Shiraz, if you wondered!) and noticed the plastic cork.  And in no time at all, I was pawing through my linocutting tools two floors up for a good knife for carving, and I'd found my good handle inserted a new blade, after fumbling through my blade collection, and was at work on a couple of corks.

I recommend these plastic corks for great carving.  The "real" corks, made of cork, are a lot harder to manage.  But these cut sweetly, and I found two corks, resolved never to chuck them out again.

And you can carve both ends, which you see I did, happily.  Then I did stamping with all of them on the Tyvek bag, using my archival ink pads.  And felt so much better in every way, after doing that bit of carving.

Then I went on with dinner -- croquettes of squash, rolled in redhot Indian crumbs, and a glass of the aforementioned Shiraz.

Nice in every way.


  1. I knew there had to be a good use for those artificial corks other than for keeping a good wine in its bottle.

  2. what a good recycling project. We seem to be getting more and more wine with screw lids rather than corks.

  3. Does this mean I'm going to have to take up drinking wine (or at least more of it)? Great use for corks.


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