Thursday, September 19, 2013

Old fashioned rose under way now

The big generous rose I drew is now developing into an embroidery.  I'm using half a dozen shades of red including one which shades to pink and back.  Probably none of these will photograph true, you know how cameras are red-shy, but anyway, here's the start, on sage green linen (same color as I used before on a goldwork piece earlier), using techniques of filling in and split stitch and things I've never done before.  It's interesting. But now I need to stop and rest my eyes.

I should probably explain that I'm not trying to reproduce the drawing in stitches.  I'm doing what the threads want to do, which is different from what the pen wanted.  It's the same subject, but a different approach.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

This one is going to be fun to watch develop...the last rose of summer, perhaps?

margaret said...

this is going to be a real beauty

Minimiss said...

Nothing like pretty red roses.