Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Phoenix has finished rising.


Subtitle: But Wait, there's More!

This approx 4 x 4 canvas, 24 count,executed in three strands of floss, with all the background in various mixtures of threads, I love to mix  colors with a needle, is now waiting for its final home. The phoenix itself was taken from a Monica Ferris chart, but the background is my own  design. It's a collaborative piece.

I think this is going to be on the cover of an artist's book, very special gig, special person.  But as to how it will look, how the book is to be constructed, well, I'm working on that.


  1. I think Ms. Phoenix arose very nicely too!

  2. oh yes she has arisen and wonderfully too, a beautifully stitched piece


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