Thursday, June 20, 2013

Embroiderers' FO (finished object) exploits and a WIP (work in progress)

Last evening's embroiderers' stitch-in was graced by Jane Sweeney, local celebrated teacher and designer, who had taken on an EGA challenge involving a very unpromising-looking bag o' bits and created this neat bunny wallhanging (which can also be stuffed as a pillow,but the general consensus is that it's a good wallhanging).  She documented her approach, to show she'd used what was required, hadn't added in anything that wasn't, and all in all, did a great job of it on behalf of our chapter, which now stands to win a bit of $$ if her work beats out the competition.  Which we confidently expect it to.

Then there's my own WIP, the embroidery based on the painting. I love doing couching, and most of this will be couched in metallic threads. The design challenge here is to maintain the wild free flow of the original painting while still being a stitched piece, so the contoured effects of the couching are part of that thinking, along with the downward sweep of the whole weight of each section.

We'll see how this comes out as it goes.


  1. interesting to see a delightful piece of work crated with just scraps, it has worked beautifully. Your piece is coming along a treat, those gold threads etc are not easy to work with

  2. Loving the bunny but I especially love yours.


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