Friday, May 24, 2013

Stitching Retreat for Memorial Day Weekend

Since the weather's not up to much out of doors: our official first summer weekend is in the 50sF, with wind and rain and general discouragement from going to the shore, aka beach,Jersey-style.  Except for the gov and his wife, who are stuck with going up and down the shore, visiting the resorts displaying our recovery from Sandy, which in fact is still under way, much damage yet to be fixed, nonetheless, welcoming tourists.  I expect he'll have to wear his famous fleece, what with the cold weather and all.

Anyway, on the stitching front, aided and abetted by John Grisham on CD and The Goodwife on DVD, the goldwork piece either Galaxy or Constellation, jury's out on the title, this one is finished and framed and will be exhibited with my group in Sepember.

And the Cellist is under way.  You see the color range the Cellist will have, at least at this stage of thinking, in the skeins I've put next to it.

Both pieces will be framed in an 8 x 10 inch shadowbox frame. Shadowbox is best so that the stitching doesn't get compressed against the glass, has room to breathe.

 If anyone prefers the title Galaxy or Constellation, please vote!  I always like input on art, and titles are part of the art.


  1. a beautiful piece here but not sure if name I like best if pushed I would say constellations they both suit your work. The Cellist looks good and the colour range looks beutiful

  2. Constellation. Pretty blues.

  3. Love your work. Title? can't make up my mind. I'll go with Margaret and Minimiss.


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