Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mixed media stitchery

Here are a couple of small pieces I stitched this year, now framed in shadowboxes and in place on the wall. They'll probably be part of a group exhibit the needlers are putting on in the fall. I painted the backgrounds inside the box, and the frames themselves, because they were stark black and ew, but the size was right. Because of the glass, I had to shoot from the side,hence the distortion, but in rl they are dead square. Not my favorite design shape, but them's the breaks.

And the goldwork is coming along, new learning with practically every stitch, and two of the completed motifs I stabilized on the back by cutting the metallic threads off short and putting a tiny dab of white glue on the end. I already have a ton of ideas for the next and the next....and I am definitely going to involve cheesecloth at some point in some piece, and pulled work, and goldwork, and padding and stop me before I collapse of overstitchery.

 the main thing I need is to sharpen my stitching skills, but you can only do that by doing it. The sunny weather today is very kind to stitching, so this is a great summer project.

You can see these better if you click on them.


Minimiss said...

Love them all Liz. That fishy is quite cute.

Isabelle said...

tu as de la patience pour broder avec ces fils dorés. j'aime beaucoup leurs effets, mais ils sont tellement difficile à travailler que j'hésite toujours à m'en servir.

margaret said...

clicked as you suggested and yes a much clearer view, the fish especially caught my eye.