Friday, March 8, 2013

Madrigal goes on, nearly there

This is the most fun to stitch, all lovely gold thread and fat red stuff, and blues, and eventually there will be beads and pearls!  decadent.  Like eating a box of chocolates all to yourself.  Not that I would know anything about that, of course..

But it's good to have it to hand today, since I'm under the weather, some cold thing, which, in addition to a snowstorm, is keeping me home for once, not even able to get out this evening to receive a special township honor, sigh.  Anyway, they tell me they'll make me Artist of the Year in another ceremony.  This is nice of them.

I should add that the event is huge, many audience members, biggest room in town, but it's not all about me -- it's about Youth Art Month, and in the course of it they like to name an Artist of the Year from the community, and this time that's me.  So they won't miss me much.

So stitching a nice small lightweight piece is good.


  1. congratulations on your award, shame you can`t get out to collect it.Like the piece you are working on now, I do enjoy counted work providing it is not cross stitch which I can`t do.

  2. Love the Madrigal piece - and it's finished incarnation complete with beads etc is stunning. Shame you are under the weather and hope you feel better soon - and big congrats on the Artist of the Year :)

  3. Congratulations on your honour of Artist of the Year. I couldn't think of a better recipient.


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