Saturday, February 9, 2013

The other shoe drops

This is the other half of the Pair which goes with the embroidered piece.  This is a cabbage leaf, scanned, then image transferred onto cotton lawn, then a silver monotype of the same cabbage leaf printed over the top.  Sorry abut the distortion -- the surface is shiny and gave a lot of glare at various angles, so this was the best I could manage.

And the little round thing is not a round tuit, but it is a trial of an idea I have, to make .38mm badges for a fundraiser, for the Breton Lifeboat Association.

  They're inviting embroiderers to submit small embroideries of their own design which they will transform, with their little machine, into pinbacks,  to sell at an embroidery festival in France in June.  For more info on this, if you're interested in what looks to me like a very good cause, Brittany being dear to my heart from a lovely summer I spent there long ago, and lifeboat crews being the ultimate in quiet heroes, go here, at least start here with Isabelle's blog, well worth a visit at any time, and follow her links.


margaret said...

cabbage leaf looks great, amazing what the computer lets us do these days. Love the design for the badge, I am sure the Lifeboat association will be delighted with it.

Cathy Holtom said...

The cabbage leaf has become beautiful in your hands!

Minimiss said...

My favourite colours in both your print and your cross-stitch.

Isabelle said...

oh, you did a badge for the snsm. it is lovely.