Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Embroiderers' Holiday Shindig

This is the main holiday party I'm going to this year. Everything else is low key and few people.  But this was the firstEGA holiday party I've been to since I joined the embroiderers, and it was great.  Wonderful dinner, all chef cooked, pastry chef did the desserts, wine, atmosphere, everything.

And a big turnout, most of the chapter came, and we had a business meeting in between present giving and awarding of awards for various activities, the extent of which would make a person's head spin.  This is a busy group, what with outreach teaching and membership promoting and donating needlework materials to people who need them.  And we did a show and tell of work completed this year, a fraction of what actually took place. Also in attendance at the bash were the husband of one member and the mom of another, caught them both in the fourth pic down.

All the members do embroidery in all its forms, needlepoint, cross stitch, hardanger, pulled work, crewel, and some also do quilts -- some miniaturized quilts seen here -- and my own door prize was a great pattern for pulled and drawn threadwork, one of my favorite stitching adventures.  I showed a few of the silk pieces I'd dyed for the workshop I'm teaching in early February, seen in the second to last photo, end of the table,and the participants perked up on seeing them, so I think this will go well.

Some of the pieces on the show and tell table are rescued -- including the Princeton chapter banner, stitched on heavy linen, and now in my custody for my term of office, newly installed tonight,the banner found in the general stash, nobody sure of its history, but we plan to take care of it. 

All in all, good to be us!


margaret said...

you had a wonderful time I can tell, what a great start to the Christmas festivities. Some lovely stitching on display , thanks for sharing.

Isabelle said...

cette rencontre a l'air absolument géniale, je rêve de participer à ce genre d'évènements. mais ce n'est pas dans mon coin perdu que je vais en trouver.

Boud said...

For the benefit of blogistas who don't read French, Isabelle, a brilliant needlewoman from northern France, can only dream of having such a party, since she's in a remote area where it is very unlikely she can find such a group of likeminded spirits.

She has a lovely blog, though, and a faithful following there! let me rustle up a link, and you can pop in and be her online stitching party!

Boud said...



That's the French for rock,paper, scissors very witty title!

Minimiss said...

Beautiful work.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm wondering why the chapter banner is in your custody for your term of office. What office are you going to be? Just curious! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Boud said...

I'm going to be co-president. Not that there was a great power struggle over it, I must admit! it was more like a lot of persuasion being applied.