Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adventures with my Ipod Touch

I inherited an old Ipod Touch from Handsome Son, who is onto a much more modern handheld, and discovered the Doodle app.  This was like a blast from the past, when I was an early adopter of computer generated art, which in those days was a very complex operation -- two separate computers wired in together, one for DOS commands, the other for the menu driven art software, one mouse,one keyboard, and one stylus.  To get pictures, you had to insert your camera into the works and run it to grab images off the screen.  Each image took an entire floppy disk, so I had quite a collection of disks after a few months of frenzied artmaking fun.

But here, on my tiny Ipod,I can draw and paint at will using various tools and colors,just poking at it with my smallest finger, and I had a lot of fun with it.  The little weaving I did recently of the cityscape, ancient art technique, is echoed in a couple of these images, in latest techno form.

What I plan to do with one of the cityscape drawings is to print it out on image transfer paper, then iron the image onto fine cotton lawn for framing, to make the other one of the pair.  Talk about a range of media.  All good.


Minimiss said...

You have been having fun.

margaret said...

well you may not have had your ipod long but you certainly have produced some wonderful things, mind you you were already a wiz kid on the computer, could you come and sit on my shoulder please!!

Kitty said...

There is a Zen Art app you might enjoy. If it wasn't free, it was only a couple of bucks.