Monday, October 8, 2012

Tapestry and painting done

The tapestry has landed.
Here's the tapestry at the last leash -- I tied these with bows for easy removal -- before I took it off the loom. I'd already cut and knotted the warp ends, flat knots, to secure the weft, top and bottom.  

Now it has to rest for a day to see its final shape and size.  It probably won't change much from being off the tension of the loom, since it's a mix of natural and synthetic yarns and roving and string.  But the day's rest is good.  Also good for the weaver, letting my neck get back to normal.  Quite heavy work, standing and working at shoulder height, with repetitive motion, so many short breaks and waving of arms and flexing of neck is also involved.

I framed the little painting in an 8 x 10 box frame, backed onto my handmade paper.   The weaving size is 18 x 16 counting the fringe, 10.5 x 16 not counting fringe.  I have to decide whether to keep the bottom fringes, maybe knot them more, since the warp fits in with the color scheme of the tapestry.  The top ones will probably be turned over and woven and stitched back in to support a dowel for hanging.  Then Pair Two will be complete.  click to see better.

Several ideas are jostling at once for next on the list of pairs, but I think I'll let them simmer a bit while I get on with needlework that needs coordination but is very restful.  It's about sitting down! also this is a Jane Sweeney design, the needlework, that is, lovely to work someone else's design and get an insight into how she works.  She has a joyful approach I like a lot.


Minimiss said...

Love it, love it. Love them both.

SpinningDownUnder said...

Its great! I particularly love the different textures you have managed to create.
This type of project can be very addictive, lol!

Mary Walker Designs said...

That's coming along nicely.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonderful - I love the use of the different types of fibers adding so much texture. Wish I could be at the show where you will be displaying this!