Friday, September 7, 2012

Blackwork almost there...

Just one more square to fill, I think, and then I can start making this piece up into its final product, which I will reveal in due course.

Here you'll see two traditional designs, very strictly blackwork, plus one very symmetrical invention of my own, and two rather wilder designs I made, departing abruptly from the trad. designs. I wanted this to be a crossover piece, respecting the origins of blackwork, in that it's counted thread and it's black on a white background,but I also wanted to diverge and create some new ideas, too. 

So this is where it is right now.  I think that last open square will be a fairly intense traditional pattern. The white squares are to give your eyes a place to rest, rather than have all these loud designs jostling each other.  To me visual intensity is very similar to noise.
Whole thing with one open square to work. Again, the angle has distorted the rectangle a bit, trying to keep my shadow off the work in the sun, but it is in fact very true.

Closer up showing stitch patterns a bit sharper The wild threads you see here and there are just markers showing my boundaries and reminding me not to stitch into the white squares which are supposed to be empty.


Anonymous said...

I love this blackwork, and I'd like to try to use the theme in other work.

I love that you've honored the traditional while moving into your own ideas.

Very nice and makes my eyes hurt just looking at it!


Minimiss said...

Love it. Black work has always fascinated me.

Cathy Holtom said...

Lovely work, I admire your patience!

. said...

Thats great patterns, how big is each square. You sure have patience to work with such a small lines (thread), Im not good at sewing so I stick with my pens and paint : ) Thank you for the inkpad tip {and for stopping by my blog}, I shall look for them.

Boud said...

Thanks for getting in here! the squares are approximately 2.25 inches on a side.

Isabelle said...

wow you have done a great job.
as I have a little astigmatism, such a design give me some visual problems : they seems to vibrate. So I think I would be in trouble if I wanted to stitch such a patterns.
but your work is wonderful

Hilke aka buechertiger said...

The squares look great and I like the approach of combining traditional stitches with new designs. And I like the comparison between pattern and sound - so true. Looking forward to seeing more!