Friday, April 27, 2012

Everyday Matters April 27, shells

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This is a little setup of shells, one long one whose name I forget, and clamshells, with bits of beach glass and pebbles. When I go to the shore, about an hour from here, in spring and fall, can't deal with it in the hot summer, I like to bring home a few items like this to make an inland beach on the patio table or, as now, in the house, in a ceramic dish. I also use big clamshells as soap holders in my bathrooms. Very green!

When I draw shells, I'm always struck by how much they resemble nutshells. Similarly, when I draw fungi, I notice that a lot of them are very much like seashells.


Jane said...

I saw the shells as nutshells straight away, and then noticed you had written that they resemble nutshells for you too!

nanke's stuff said...

Yep, nutshells are definitely very similar. Very nice little sketch! nancy

pinkdrawing said...

I love shells too - I have a big vase full of them in my living room. great sketch!

Alex said...