Saturday, April 28, 2012

EDM April 28, new kitchen table

So I needed a new table in the kitchen, nice sunshine in the afternoon, good for drinking tea and eating cake. However, the budget totally will not run to one now or in the foreseeable future.

So I did some DIY with stuff I had. My keyboard, not played now for quite a while, I wrapped and put on a shelf for future reference, and the stand it came with now would work, with a bit of engineering, as the base for a table. The top is the round glass top from an ancient long gone patio set, which has been pressed into use to hold plants in the living room, set on two small tables.

And now I have a kitchen table,about the right height -- the adjustment is where the engineering came in -- and, wedged with newspaper to keep it steady, working just fine,with its new cloth and dinky crocheted top thing, to honor the crocheter who made it.

So I thought I'd better record this while the recording's good. Another indoor landscape. Kitchenscape. On the shelf in the background, the begonia on the right is just there to look nice, the partygoer of the plant world, while its neighbor to the left is my vital aloe vera, used almost daily to cure the burns I inevitably manage to get in the course of working with the stove.


nanke's stuff said...

Wonderful creativity! Your table will serve you well, I've no doubt! nancy

Isabelle said...

bravo ! avec ton ingéniosité, non seulement, tu as évité une dépense importante, mais en plus, tu as travaillé pour la protection de la planète. je dis toujours "les déchets les mieux recyclés, c'est ceux qu'on ne fait pas." si on réutilise quelque chose, on évite de le jeter. et avec un peu d'astuce, il y a plein de choses qui peuvent avoir une seconde vie.

Boud said...

From Boud: two of my dear friends whose first language is French, have accepted my invitation to write here in French, since it's so much more flexible for them. However, I will undertake to translate for anyone who doesn't read French. Just drop me an email, and I'll oblige!

Timaree said...

Very nice picture. I love the bits of color. And how creative to make your table out of what you had available!