Saturday, January 7, 2012


I joined a huge group of embroiderers in doing a challenge posed by Pintangle, great Australian embroiderer, the challenge known as Take a Stitch Tuesday, aka TAST. Each week she poses a new stitch either to learn if you are not an experienced embroiderer, or to work from and adapt and generally play about with if you know the stitch. This is the first week of the challenge, presenting fly stitch, which already appeared in the current works I'm on, so I figured okay to show the pieces and let viewers spot the fly stitch appearances!

These were fabrics I hand dyed before working into them with thread, painting with a needle, and there's a lot more to happen before they're officially done, but this is just a peek at the progress so far. With any luck they will be part of the exhibit of fiber arts I'm putting on in June. The silk piece is one of three to hang vertically from a rod

and a detail

and the cotton fabric piece will be mounted on stretchers like a painting, for exhibit. Here's a general image

and a detail of the beginning work


bluemuf said...

lovely work

carole brungar said...

This looks very exciting! What lovely fabric to embroider on!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your dyed fabric looks beautiful and I'm sure it's a pleasure to stitch on.