Monday, June 6, 2011

Handmade paper and words

In September I'm invited to take part in a group show on the theme of Wordplay, involving handmade paper and words and that general concept. Which made me go check on what I already have in my studio which fits the bill.

I selected a few pieces, which I want to show you here, and maybe some of these will make it into the show, depending on how they fit. They all involve handmade paper, often my own, or mulberry, and drawing and printmaking, taking words off the internet, an early foray into that as raw material, with the permission of the friend whose journal entries these are, though I broke the words and generally corroded the firmness of the font, to convey my own notions. One is reverse painted on the framing glass, as well as being a mixed media piece.

Mixed media piece, 20 x 16, with my handmade paper collaged, line drawings, the little gold insert a reference to Dejeuner sur l'Herbe, sneaky little art joke there

Handmade mulberry paper piece, with my own artist made paper underneath, mushroom printed. 20 x 16

Painting created from paper pulp used as paint material, with wire drawing, landscape of moon and hills, 30 x 16

Collage of leaf destroyed by gipsy moth, with handmade paper, wire drawing, 8 x 10

Collaborative work with text created by Kristie Helms, and artwork, monotype, stamping and reverse images on paper. Kbean, I have not forgotten that if we ever sell this piece, you get half the proceeds!!

Torn and cut collage of mulberry and handmade paper and charcoal drawing, 20 x 16

Double drawing, handmade paper, charcoal, ink drawings, from series based on the journal headings of Joyce H., with her generous permission

Drawing and painting with handmade paper on cardboard, using gesso as paint material 20 x 16

Small piece, artist made abaca paper, with wire drawing and amber bead, white painting reverse on inside of framing glass, using gesso as paint material, 8 x 10


PandaBearofDoom said...

These are really cool looking

maryann johnston, CMP said...

Such beautiful pieces, Liz!
Wishing I were able to attend the showing and chew on them in person.

eepy said...

Lovely work, Liz. I echo Maj's wishes, and will come back to have another look at these pieces.