Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weaving and Knitted WIPS

Among many other artworks, books, purses, felted UFOs, in progress around here, there are a couple of serious pieces going on, one being the saori weaving in many fibers, from paper to roving, about one third complete

the other WIP, or Work in Progress, is a white knitted cotton wallhanging, about halfway there, created spontaneously, saori style, as I go, using a heavy cotton thread

These items will probably find a place in the exhibit I'm working on, for June of 2012, if I live that long. Well, I always seem to, so why not.

The reason to switch back and forth is that my hands do better when I don't wear them out in a single series of movements. Weaving is more demanding, so it's a bit slower. But this is okay, since it does give time to think and study it as it goes and make decisions more deliberately, always a big departure from my usual headlong approach.


maryann johnston, CMP said...

I love your explanation of switching back and forth. It's the same with instruments, isn't it? For me, at least. xoxo

PandaBearofDoom said...

They look so cool. I love them.