Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artist-made jewelry, part two!

More paper beads! I made an incredible number of these a while back, just addictive activity. From my own handmade paper, from various pages of catalogs, or other interesting paper, some finished with wax, some finished with coats of varnish -- nail polish, to be exact, since it's safe on the body.

Depending on the paper, these beads can look like ceramic, in fact I was at a show on time and a lady bought a necklace from me, which was black and white, and she said, oh, I love this ceramic piece! I explained that I had created it from paper, in fact, and she said, oh no, dear, this is ceramic! well, she was buying it so I didn't argue, but I wondered how she thought I didn't actually know what I'd made...

I also used to make individual beads and sell them to artist to include in their artworks, and that was really fun to do.

I've taught this skill to a lot of people, ranging in age from eighteen months to early eighties, in various classes and workshops. The eighteen month old was at a summer program with her two older sisters, the mom having to bring everyone, and she joined in, and actually managed to roll and glue three beads! I was amazed that she could do it, but she was in the habit of insisting on doing whatever her older sisters were doing, and they were a pretty talented family.

At the other end of the age spectrum were people who remembered making these beads as kids, and delighted to renew acquaintance with what was originally a Victorian craft. You can make giant beads to use as curtains and room dividers, and I made a couple a foot long to hang around a giant puppet in our local library.

So here are some necklaces, a lot of paper beads in them, and then there are shells, vegetable beads I made, amber beads, antique glass beads, and various other little dealies that seemed to be called for. Any of these is available for $25 US, and they're all available.

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